OUR Services

Low touch, high value, aligned interests
= big returns for our clients.

Our expert knowledge of the constantly changing landscape of government money means that we can deliver a complete strategy for our clients, that leverages all funds available to them.

We are a success based company so our interests are always aligned. Our clients know they are not missing out on any money, and that we are in control of the implementation, so they can spend their precious time building their businesses. We spend our time thinking of ways to make them more money, so that we can all benefit.

Several of our clients used to manage this process on their own, but now they trust us with the project management, the details, the paperwork, and the fine print. Our track record has us generating far more extra value than we bill for ongoing projects.

The logic is simple:

  • Dealing with the government can be extremely challenging. Half of our energy is spent just decoding their intentions, and translating that into action items for our clients.
  • We have the right contacts at all levels of government. Our Rolodex, coupled with our knowledgebase that encompasses all files we have worked on, gives us intimate knowledge of what works and what doesn’t for all types of clients.
  • These projects cannot be delegated to junior staff, and senior management and
    production staffs need their time and energy to drive the company forward--not to deal
    with the government.
  • The criteria for successful applications and their delivery are constantly in flux; we stay on top of these changes. More importantly, when new money comes available, we bring these opportunities to our client base.
  • This is all we do, all day long; so we know the best approach to these programs, as well as how to deliver a cohesive strategy for each client.
  • We speak the unintelligible language of government, and translate it into common English in ways that make sense to your specific situation.